Securing your business is our business.

We help businesses protect themselves from potential business-ending cyber attacks and data breaches.

Build your business on secure foundations




The UK’s leading, innovation award-winning, cybersecurity company, dedicated to building secure foundations for business growth.

Don’t you deserve to grow your business without the risk of losing it all? 

Running a busy growing business is hard enough without being attacked by an unknown enemy. The impact being significant financial losses, reputational damage and worst case scenario, the business folding.

Most businesses misunderstand cybersecurity as an ‘IT’ problem when the reality is IT only addresses 20% of cybersecurity as a whole. So why only secure your business by 20%?!

80% of cybersecurity is people and process – see your team as your first line of defence. 

We're here to help because 'hoping' it won't happen to you isn't a strategy.

We don't want you to become another statistic

"60% of Small Businesses that are victims of a cyber attack go out of business within six months" National Cybersecurity Alliance

"One breach often puts a victim out of business. That’s because 54% of all cyber-attacks cause financial damages exceeding £375k" National Cybersecurity Alliance

We believe Cyber Security should be...


We believe you shouldn't have to pay extortionate consultancy day rates to "afford" a cybersecurity strategy.


Our digital Dashboard 'CORE' is your central location to access assessment results, business analytics, priorisited action plans and more...


Your business is unique and your cybersecurity posture should be too. This is why we have created tailored programmes specific to your needs.


Progress is reviewed against your plan to ensure aims and objectives are being met. Adjustments are observed in real-time to take corrective actions and achieve success.

Our team of cybersecurity and business growth experts understand the challenges your business faces, and we’re here to help.  Through a combination of coaching, consulting and training we can save you time, significant financial losses, minimize business risk, and help you preserve your reputation.

We are NOT another ‘I.T. security’ company; we tackle the FULL problem!

IT is only 20% of the solution!

I can't speak highly enough about Cyber Savvy. Before speaking with Cyber Savvy, I was having a meltdown after having a cyber issue. They relayed the steps needed to resolve the issue quickly and effectively. I would highly recommend Cyber Savvy to anyone considering support for their Cyber Security and wants someone willing to go above and beyond. Thank you for your help!
Lisa R
Liruss Virtual Business Services

Protect your business with one of our programmes or services…

For independent businesses of any size or sector

For Franchise Groups and Businesses with multiple branches

We offer a wide range of Cyber security services to suit your business needs

Securing Your Business Is Easier Than You Think

...and it works

Step 1 - You Talk

And we listen. Because each company is unique. Once we understand your specific concerns we gather the facts that will enable us to support you with a plan.

Step 2 - We PLAN

By understanding where you are now, with our Savvy Assessment, our experts can then define a roadmap to get you where you need to be, allowing you to focus on running your business, whilst we provide the clarity for you.

Step 3 - We SECURE

We will guide you through the steps of implementation to ensure your business is 'Cyber Savvy Certified'. Through a combination of coaching, consulting and training tailored to your business needs.

Start your cybersecurity journey today with a Savvy Assessment to understand your current security position. Remember, security is a process, not a product.



At Cyber Savvy we recognise the costs of small business and are continuously working on practical and affordable SMB solutions.

We’re not a ‘corporate’ steeped in bureaucracy, over-promising over-charging and under-delivering. But a passionate SME like you whose mission is to ‘build’ security into businesses from the earliest opportunity affordably and sustainably.



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