Game of Thrones, Your Business and Cyber Security?!? Surely not…

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Game of Thrones, Your Business and Cyber Security?!? Surely not…

When deciding to write a blog for the first time, I was advised to make it topical, current and something not related to cyber to maintain peoples interest 😆…  At the time of writing this, however, not much appears to be Trumping Brexit (Urgh) and Game of Thrones (GoT), so hey, I probably needed to go with one of them, and after all Winter’s Coming, Brexit might never happen 🤗.

So I caught up with Episode two of the Eighth GoT season and the standout topic this week was prevalent to all businesses now more than ever… TRUST!

While Winterfell is preparing for the army of the dead, many businesses are preparing for turbulence also with the political and economic uncertainty to name but two.  This episode sees a tired looking Jamie Lannister stood nervously before Daenerys and Sansa who he is guilty of wrong on numerous occasions over the last several seasons and of course played his part in both of their fathers death.  Just when he looks set to be turned into a pot of ‘Scouse’ and served to the starving troops, he is backed by Lady Brienne of Tarth, who owes her life to Jamie and therefore trusts him.  While this doesn’t save his bacon outright, Sansa equally owes her life to Brienne and trusts her implicitly which changes the equation dramatically.  With Sansa now trusting Brienne’s assessment of the situation and Daenerys trusting Sansa, Jamie gets spared the humiliation of being fed to her pet dragons and will now be free to fight the living dead within the next 24hrs.  RESULT!

So what does this have to do with Cyber?  Well, trust is everything in business.  We need to trust our people, we need to trust our suppliers, and of most importance, we need to trust our own decision making.  We cannot merely rely upon testimonials; due diligence is essential and mandated as a fiduciary responsibility within the Companies Act 2006.  

When we work with suppliers, we need to be sure they operate to ‘our’ standards, that we can verify that standard at any point and that there is a provision in place to ensure they meet ‘the standard’ or face the consequence.  Ask yourself now, what trust do you have in your supply chain, what controls have you implemented and when was it last reviewed?

Did you consider all of the risks, collect unbiased empirical data (evidence) to support your decision making?  Have you employed and contractually obligated adequate controls such as ‘flow-downs’ or included a ‘right to audit’?  Are you continuously assessing and improving your security posture as the chain evolves?  

If you haven’t, be warned, Winters coming…


If it’s got you thinking, get Cyber Savvy today.



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