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Savvy Training (Enterprise-wide Training)

We can provide your entire workforce a bespoke General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO27001, Payment Card Industry compliant security awareness training package. And when we say bespoke, we mean BESPOKE. Each individual in the company will go on their own learning journey based on their job role and the threats they are likely to encounter in their day to day duties. 

All of our training videos, of which we have 65+ are thematic-based and bite-sized, no longer than two minutes in length. We adopt the proven learning principle of ‘little and often’, ensuring we maintain audience attention and the business doesn’t compromise on productivity. Longwinded training videos cram in too much detail, take too long to complete and get put off in favour of a pressing workload. 

Along with the training content, our training is accompanied by bitesize quiz sessions to understand the necessary concepts and practices. 

In terms of implementation, we can deliver our training content whichever way best suits your business; email, Slack or MSTeams. Still too busy in the office? Not to worry, all of our training is mobile-friendly so can even be done on the move. In essence, our training formats work around the individual’s schedule and preferred learning habits to create a human firewall in their role, whether in-office or working from home. Content is always growing also and continually updated to reflect new threats and challenges such as COVID19, zoom-bombing, collaborative tools and remote working habits. 

In keeping with our appetite for data and analytics, we measure everything.

From an individual perspective, we chart engagement, attendance and their overarching awareness score and measure this in a group or enterprise-wide setting to identify vulnerable groups or high-risk behaviours across the business. Understanding this information allows us to reconfigure their individual or group training plan accordingly.  

To supercharge your employee knowledge, look at running this training package in conjunction with the ‘Targeted Individual Training Programme. 

Targeted Individual Training Programme

Running in parallel to the Savvy Training Programme we also operate individual employee Risk Assessments to measure human knowledge and behaviours within the workplace. Through a number of programmed serials, we determine, on an individual basis, employee vigilance towards Phishing, handling of sensitive material, physical security, home working, social media use and a great deal more. 

The targeted assessment takes the enterprise-wide training programme to another level by providing actionable insights to vulnerable departments and roles, which informs broader security awareness training programme priorities. 

Using Marginal Gains Theory, our training methods focus on making small improvements, little and often, at the macro-level (the individual), resulting in much more significant gains across the enterprise over time and in aggregation. Affecting change to individual employees at this level with ‘focussed intervention’ is proven to substantially increase individual and team performance over time.

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