Information Governance

What do we mean by Information Governance (IG)? For one, there are varying definitions of ‘information’ out there, so it’s important to understand the context and how it applies to your business. 

IG is the term used to understand how the information within your business is managed, stored, used, prioritised, and critically, the processes and accountability surrounding the day-to-day interaction with said information. 

We often see reliance on technology, more specifically software programmes, to store our internal business documents. Still, the management and responsibility of these documents are at the core of IG. 

Establishing and maintaining effective procedures for the secure management of information should be embedded with an organisation’s culture, from the Board of Directors down to the front-line employees and aligned to, and embed within, Organisational Strategy and Policy.

Key processes and accountability must be built into the business to adhere to Information Governance UK regulation, the Information Commissioner’s Office, and Data Protection requirements.  Organisations who are unable to demonstrate good IG can suffer the impacts of significant fines and severe damage to reputation.

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