“It’s our busiest time of the year…”

We recently engaged with a prospective customer, but they weren’t just any prospective customer; they were a ‘Dream List’ client.

They have a sizeable and prosperous business that continues to grow exponentially.

We had a great, engaging conversation with their CEO, who completely understood the business risk they were carrying by not having a tied-down cybersecurity strategy. Technology was mostly covered but not their ‘People’ and ‘Process’. The CEO then put us in touch with their CTO to continue the conversation…

However, the conversation didn’t continue, it came to an abrupt halt. This is where the situation gets interesting…

We were told not to worry, the CTO is just extremely busy at the moment as they enter their busiest 3 months of the year. If we didn’t get any response in 4 months time then to circle back to the CEO again. 4 MONTHS!

Now here is where I get passionate…if your business is engaging in its busiest time of the year when sales are at an all-time high and your team is at capacity processing and delivering on your sales orders, but then you experience a security breach, what happens? Do you have your Business Disaster Recovery Plan ready in place to roll out? Or were you too busy to implement one beforehand? Do your team know all the exact steps to take to minimise business impact of a breach or are you relying on technology back-up’s to fulfill its part? How do you manage this at your busiest time of the year?

I’ll be completely honest here, backing up your data is NOT is the same as having a company-wide cybersecurity programme in which their entire team understands their role within it. Your people, after all, are your weakest link or your first line of defence!

It’s all well and good enjoying the high of a busy sales period but please make sure that you are operating on secure foundations and not putting it off until it’s potentially too late.


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