Return to Normal; Whatever that looks like!

With COVID lockdown restrictions easing and the economy returning to its feet, many businesses are faced with yet another change to how they operate. The companies which managed to maintain normal operations during COVID are perhaps less affected, but these businesses are few and far between; the vast majority had to change their models to allow for increased home working and new business tools. Ultimately, there are always winners and losers; some businesses thrived, many weathered the storm, and a few sadly failed.

Irrespective of whichever scenario best summed up your experience, we all experienced an impact on our most precious resource – our people. You might ask what this has to do with us; we are, after all, a cybersecurity and business resilience boutique. Well, it’s simple, cyber is a ‘people problem’. The biggest misconception within commerce is the incorrect assertion that cyber is an IT concern. Furthermore, it’s not even close; IT is a subset of cyber, which can be described as 80% Leadership, 20% Technical. If that doesn’t make cybersecurity a boardroom agenda item, what does!

So when you do transition back to normal, whatever that looks like? Start first with considering your workforce and assess how their behaviours will change, once again, to adapt to the ‘new/old’ business need. Plan their return to work and how you realign their behaviours to the ‘new norm’. Equally, many businesses have found the enforced changes imposed by COVID as a business benefit, so equally consider how you now make the COVID imposed operating model more resilient for the long term; lookout for our next ‘Dig in or Move out’ blog; for more on this!

One final word of caution if I may; don’t make the mistake of so many business owners by farming security out to your IT Service Provider; after all, they are only responsible for addressing the 20%, and besides, they are ‘enablers’, they should be realigning their IT service provision to the manner in which your people are required to work, according to your business strategy.

While on the subject of IT service providers, I bet yours doesn’t tell you the statistics that 70-80% of the cost attributed to cyber-attacks results from human error or that one-third of all cyber breaches are due to malicious and negligent human behaviours! Ultimately, if you ask a technical person a question, you will likely get a technical answer.

If you need cybersecurity advice, commission a cybersecurity expert. If you need additional support, get in touch. Our services are; Affordable; Accessible; Adaptable, and Applicable to you and your business.


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