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…because security is a ‘process’, not a ‘product’

Our unique Savvy Business programme contains the following vital cybersecurity pillars to provide you with secure foundations for business growth.

You are only 6 Steps away from having a cybersecurity culture in your business

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How the programme works...

STEP 1 - Primary Assessment

We conduct a bespoke assessment of your business ecosystem to identify risks and opportunities for development through all aspects of the cybersecurity lifecycle. Our assessments use real-world experience and pragmatism to ensure your assessment is suited to your size of business and sector of operation.

STEP 2 - Programme

We define a programme for you based on your business objectives, risk appetite, assessment findings, budget and timeline. We set Key Performance Indicators and Critical Success Factors. We prioritise actions and set achievable milestones.

STEP 3 - Platform

We introduce you to CORE - your digital dashboard. Here you will find your assessment results, analysis and infographics of strengths and weaknesses, and the prioritised action plan for remediation. You will also find a link to training, toolkits and resources.

STEP 4 - Process

We introduce you to your business coach, who will contextualise your assessment results and mentor you through the programme. They will talk you through the plan direct you to resources, training, and toolkits to successfully complete objectives.

STEP 5 - Performance Management

Your coach will work with you throughout, providing support and guidance to ensure your business gets ‘Cyber Savvy’, Safe and Secure. Data will be collected along the way to inform dashboard analytics, identifying areas for improvement and independently evidencing completion of objectives.

STEP 6 - Periodic Review

'If it cannot be measured, it cannot be improved'! That's why we conduct periodic reviews to ensure programme plan aims and objectives are being met and maintained. Deviations from the plan are observed in real-time and corrective actions are taken to ensure success.

Everything you need to secure your business

Below is a list of all the features and benefits you get when you work with us

A dedicated Cyber Savvy business coach working ‘hand-in-hand’ with the business, throughout the programme duration getting business outlets Cyber Savvy, Safe and Secure. ​

  Subject matter expertise, without the expense​
  Dedicated support when you need it
  Focussed business leadership  

Pre-programme assessment to understand where the business currently is and inform the plan for getting the business where it needs to be. A secondary assessment is conducted to validate it reached its intended destination. ​

  Independent, objective assessment of its current cybersecurity and business resilience posture.
  Sector benchmarking understanding how your business fairs against industry competitors.​
  Provides evidence for programme definition and maturity analysis.​

Concerns observed in the assessment are prioritised into a manageable action-based, impact assessed roadmap.
Showing you exactly where we need to start, in what order!

  Independent, objective assessment of its current cybersecurity and business resilience posture.
  Sector benchmarking understanding how your business fairs against industry competitors.​
  Provides evidence for programme definition and maturity analysis.​

Your ‘one-stop-shop’ digital dashboard displaying your assessment results and the
Prioritised Action Plan for remediation. This facility allows us (the collective) to observe risks to the achievement of objectives in advance/real-time, chart progress, forecast and analyse maturity.

A tool to measure where you are now and where you will be on completion of the programme.
  Business analytics to understand ‘control’ and maximise return on investment.
Analytics for the fusion of ‘people’, ‘process’ and ‘technology’ controls and establishment of defence in depth

Access to cybersecurity resources, which can be adapted and employed within the outlet to quickly achieve programme goals, and underpin efforts to achieve business resilience. The toolkit fuses a mixture of Industry, National and International best practices, coupled with management techniques adapted for Small-Medium business use.

Pre-prepared collateral reduces time and cost
  Alignment to ‘best in market’ guidance

Team access to effective, engaging and relatable training, specific to seniority or business role. This ‘defence in-depth’ training approach ensures the ‘right people’ are looking at the ‘right things’ at the right time and provides them with the insights and tools required to identify and stop cyber-crime, in its tracks.

A tool to measure where you are now and where you will be on completion of the programme
  Business analytics to understand ‘control’ and maximise return on investment
Analytics for the fusion of ‘people’, ‘process’ and ‘technology’ controls and establishment of defence in depth

Access to our team of experts to qualify concerns and get advice when it’s needed. Our on-hand experts can assist in a range of Operational Resilience, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis/Incident Management and cybersecurity issues.

Focussed business support 9am-5pm, 5 days a week
  Independent ‘third-eye’ perspective
Proven and demonstrable Incident and Crisis Management experience

Start your cybersecurity journey today with a Savvy Assessment to understand your current security position. Remember, security is a process, not a product.

Culture is King

"Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people." (Bruce Schneier)

We often remind business owners and Senior Management Teams that Cyber is a people problem, with 90% of all cyber claims stemming from some human error or behaviour.

Your internal IT department or external IT provider with most likely offer cybersecurity services. You may already be paying for this level of support. However, how can you guarantee that your employees and broader team are behaving in a secure way? Do you have remote workers that you don’t perhaps have day-to-day visibility on?

Let’s use an example here; some people may fear being kidnapped by a stranger; however, the data tells us we’re most likely to be kidnapped by a relative. So how does this apply to cybersecurity you may ask? A common fear is for hackers to access your business data, but what if your employees were giving that data away, sometimes unknowingly, because they have not adopted a security mindset?

Your people are KEY to your business wholey adopting a solid security posture, which is why access to our Training Academy is included as standard in our Savvy Business programme.

The Training Academy

Offers a full range of 1-minute videos designed to be relatable and easy to remember so they can be applied when needed. The training implements the principles of microlearning with short lessons that are easy to consume, over a longer period of time to maximise the learning effect.

We launch new content every month to help stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity threats and attack vectors.

Interested in training your entire team? Let us take care of that for you without the excessive cost of money and time.

What our clients say...

Why Savvy Business?

We aim to meet your needs in a cost-effective, transparent manner allowing you an understanding of the risks within your business.

Our innovative online platform ‘CORE’ will highlight results and analytics and provide you with a prioritised action roadmap. Not forgetting our business coaches are there to support each step, ensuring success and validating improvements in real-time. 

In addition, you will be able to access our adaptable pre-formed toolkits and online Training Academy material to save time, provide consistency and align the workforce to a shared vision.

Our leadership team work hand-in-hand with you and your business leaders to foster a security-conscious, business optimised delivery approach while maximising your return on security investment and minimising your business risks.


We believe you shouldn't have to pay extortionate consultancy day rates to "afford" a strong cybersecurity posture within your business.


Through our central Dashboard 'CORE' you can access all the resources you need to support you through your programme to achieve success.


Your business is unique and your cybersecurity posture should be aligned to that. It is not 'one size fits all', which is why we have created tailored programmes specific to your business needs.


'If it cannot be measured, it cannot be improved'. Progress is reviewed against your programme plan to ensure aims and objectives are being met. Any adjustments are observed in real-time by the Cyber Savvy Team and we ensure corrective actions taken to achieve success.

Don't wait until it's too late to secure your business

If you have any queries about how we can help you manage your cybersecurity, get in touch today!

Toby, CEO and Strategic Director and Hannah, Managing Director