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    "Having worked in the industry for over 20 years rarely do we meet people of this high calibre.  I have worked alongside Toby on many High Level and complex Digital Transformation and security programmes and projects, and I have no reservation in thoroughly endorsing this consummate professional and dedicated cybersecurity consultant.

    Toby has a real talent for analysing complex business requirements and turning them into value-added, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions with a no-fuss approach. His personable approach and ability to lead and build stakeholder confidence is second to none having turned numerous failing projects into real successes, saving millions of investment funds.

    He was always my 'go-to' colleague for both technical and business related advice, and I could not recommend this dedicated, committed and highly respected fellow enough. I wish Toby good luck, and I know that given any future project he will transform your concerns into positive and successful outcomes."

    Christopher Brown , Senior Security and Risk Strategist, MSc Cyber Security

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    "Toby has worked for me for a number of years and it has been a pure pleasure throughout. He is articulate, professional and bright. He has a natural ability to understand the strategic level but at the drop of a hat delve into the finite technical detail. I have witnessed this though the way in which he examines Industry standards, policies and protocols in Information Assurance, ISOs, Risk Strategies, Training & Capability Development and many more but also though the Business Cases he has produced for senior members of the organisation."

    Ollie O , CEO at Xreach Ltd

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    >"Toby is engaging, hard working and intelligent and a real team player. He gets intent and gets on and delivers. He has wide experience of training delivery, technical communications delivery as well as man management. Loyal and dependable with sound judgement."

    Adam Griffiths, The Multinational Community

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    "Planning, delivering and assuring information capability within the military collective training continuum is complex, dynamic and challenging.  Toby, ever the consummate professional, was on top of his game in this role. As the the CIS focal point within a key training delivery site, geographically dispersed from the Headquarters, I was utterly reliant on him to get the job done, with minimum direction and often minimum resources, and he never let me down.  Toby is not only technically gifted but a very personable and engaging character, able to galvanize and focus teams on the task at hand."

    Martin Murray, Commissioned Officer in ADF

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    "Toby Rees worked for me for two years.  He led an information centric team who were routinely responsible for the planning, deployment, management and continual service improvement of Network Enabled Capability assets for circa 6K customers.  This role was immensely complex. Toby consistently delivered coherent and cost effective technical solutions, ensuring I received maximum operational benefit from the investment.
    Additionally he delivered cross boundary Cyber security solutions, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery training and refined operational process, all of which contributed significantly to capability  resilience."

    Rupert Whitelegge, Commender Old College at RMA Sandhurst

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    "Toby is wonderful to work with, has exceptional leadership and motivating skills. He consistently demonstrates a solid work ethic plus a dedication to success. Toby is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very capable. He is not only a reliable and forward-thinking individual but also an inspiring team leader."

    Ayimo Bassey, Security, Risk & Resilience Consultant

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    "I've worked with Toby on many large, high profile, pressured and complex Cyber Security deals at Atos. During this time Toby has stuck out from the crowd by displaying unquestionable integrity, resourcefulness and during the critical phases of deals, managed times of high stress, deliverable expectations with clear focus, logic and leadership where it was needed. His knowledge of business, Cyber regulations and his understanding of IT infrastructure allowed him to integrate with the wider deal teams in different disciplines while also managing the demands and expectations of the customer."

    Don Ward, Principal Cyber Security Solutions Architect at Atos

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    "It is great to work with Toby. Knowledgable, skilled, hardworking, delivering under considerable pressure and still managing to look after the team. Many thanks Toby."

    Owen Haynes, Chief Security Architect

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    "Toby has a deep understanding of the what it means to be a corporate Chief Technology Officer / Chief Information Security Officer. He can make valuable recommendations and is a talented Cyber Security strategy and operational leader with the proven ability to direct companies and boards towards a more resilient position. He is friendly, approachable, has a keen eye for opportunity and gets the job done with conviction and in line with his strong principles. I strongly recommend his work to any company that needs to elevate their security or transform to a more secure environment."

    Enda Dorrian, Information Security Assurance Officer at NS&I

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